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At OB/MidWife Speed Dating, you get the chance to meet several providers in a fun, low-key environment through individual five minute one-on-one interviews.
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Deborah wanted to take some photos, so, all of the authors lined up in a this oversized hall, snap, snap. And then all of the librarians lined up, snap again. Luckily, again, I stood in the back behind someone else secretly or maybe not-so-secretly hiding my ever-present bosom. We had about 10 minutes or so to mingle.

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But, Barbara was genuinely wonderful and fun to talk with. And, when a young author came up between us, she said to me no lie …. Anyway, the night felt magical in that way, like, when you wake up from the best dream ever, and you keep trying to remember all of the great stuff that happened and you grab at it but it seems just past your fingertips? So, thank you, everyone for being so kind at this wonderful event that will remain in my mind and heart for many years to come. I would love to come back. It was wonderful to meet you too.

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And, thank you for posting a comment on my blog. All the best to you, Susan. If the portal speed is not satisfactory, HFN will make an appointment to troubleshoot the network at your home. There are many qualified low voltage contractors in the yellow pages. HFN can recommend a local contractor to you. Cannon Construction is the contractor responsible for placing the fiber optic cable into the ground and terminating it within your home.

You need to contact HFN, not Cannon Construction, if you have any problems or issues with the fiber to your home.

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Each home has a WWP switch that connects your internal cables to the Fiber Optic Network to activate the jacks in your home. If you are a Highlands Fiber Network customer with a disability we can help you with service orders, questions, and billing. Dial or the appropriate toll-free number provided to connect with Washington Relay, a qualified Relay Operator RO will ask for the area code and number of the person you wish to call and begin the relay call.

Captioned Telephone Service CTS is available for individuals with hearing loss who are able to speak for themselves.

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Access to services can be done by dialing and the numbers are toll-free calls and provide access to the same relay services. All services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Consumers may place calls in English and Spanish speaking persons within Washington, across the United States, and even internationally. How do I sign-up for Service? Who is responsible for repairing and maintaining the fiber? What is the Covenant? How do I learn more about the Covenant?


Swedish issaquah speed dating

Who do I contact to get more involved of offer input on HFN? I don't own a computer. Do I have to sign up with the Highlands Fiber Network? What is the minimum monthly Periodic Fee? What do my Periodic Fees go to? When do I start getting billed? What speeds are available? I have Quantum 10, or Quantum , but the Internet doesn't seem any faster.

Why do some plan descriptions use the phrase 'Download Connection of' and others have 'Download Speeds of'? Can I change my speed online? I've moved into my home and there is no equipment installed. What happened and what do I do? What are HFN's hours for installation, technical support and customer service?

Can I pay my bill online? When is my bill due? What payment methods are available to me?

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What time period does my bill represent? What happens if I have a dispute over my bill?

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What is this electronic looking box in my home? Can I put equipment into the media cabinet? My media cabinet doesn't have a door but instead has screws that hold the plate in place. How do I get into it? Does the Highlands Fiber Network use laser light? The wall jack for the phone, cable or the Internet isn't working.

What do I do? My Wi-Fi isn't working or is working slow, what do I do? My house is out of warranty or the builder won't fix it. Who can I call to get my jacks or wiring repaired? I missed my scheduled appointment with the installer. Am I subject to a missed appointment fee? Who do I call if my service is slow, down, I have problems signing up, or just generally need help? Who will answer my technical support questions? Who is Cannon Construction? What is World Wide Packets? Back Who owns HFN? Back How do I sign-up for Service?

Back Who is responsible for repairing and maintaining the fiber? Back What is the Covenant? Back How do I learn more about the Covenant? Back I don't own a computer.

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Back What is the minimum monthly Periodic Fee? Back What do my Periodic Fees go to? Back When do I start getting billed? Back What speeds are available?