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Jan 30, chapter 1 – Return. Valley of end -. A bloodied and beaten Naruto walked over the exhausted Sasuke lying on the floor. They looked at each.
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I thought this was funny because my boyfriend went through this with my older cousin and dad. But Temari doesn't have any older relatives or a father…who cared…so I am using her younger siblings. Again this may be OOC but I try….

Naruto x Temari Cap 12 y final de temporada

Also to the only person who's reviewed on both chapters…Gaaras1Girl…. I give you cookies and permission to hug Gaara as much as you want! No, not mad, he was furious! It was all because of his annoying fan wielding shut up or I'll beat you to next Sunday big sister. Well not really her, but at least what she was doing. For today Temari was going on a date. Now this was normal for any teenager and Kankuro had no problem with that. It was who she was going on a date with that bothered him.

It was that lazy smart mouth knows everything loser pansy who she fought in the chunin exams. Now if it wasn't for the fact that he was a leaf village pansy was bad enough he also lost that fight to Temari.

Okay so he gave up but that's just as bad. Kankuro who had been stomping around the house at this point and slamming doors as he went eventually found him self in the living room where he plopped himself down on the couch. Gaara stared at his brother. Kankuro had never got this angry about Temari going on a date.

I guess we got some rivals. Sam, Kankuro, and I will be asking the girls questions. At the end of the show, based on their replies, Gaara will have to pick one to go on a date with. I don't even want to do this. All they are gonna do is call me a freak and walk away.

They are nerds from the leaf village. Now let me go before I crush this building with everyone inside of it! This will get much better in chapter two so keep reading! Poor Naruto, I know he will eat his bride before they get married.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Gaara needs a girlfriend and that is what we going to get him in this fanfiction. Temari, Kankuro, and yours truly.

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Suna Dating Game starring Turns camera to Gaara who is strapped to a chair on the left side of the stage Gaara: I hate you all She winked at the audience and smiled. Sakura turned around and let inner Sakura take over. Sakura was inches from Ino's face. I'll be the one to beat you this time. She sat back down. Kankuro you can take over now. First I will ask Hinata the set of questions we have here. Hinata and Sakura 3. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

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Temari's breasts jiggled and went back into place. Her breasts were D-cupped with pink nipples. Temari moaned and writhed under Naruto. Naruto placed one of Temari's breasts in his mouth.

Temari moaned and pushed Naruto's head deeper into her cleavage. His hand trailed down to Temari's panties and stroked them. Temari moaned loudly and began to feel heat growing inside her. Naruto undid her panties and threw them beside her bra. He pushed his tongue inside Temari's folds. Temari gasped and moaned louder than ever. He licked her clit while rubbing her breasts.

Temari felt the pleasure too much to hold. I'm about to cum! Naruto licked her again causing her to cum over the hospital sheets. He cleaned up any of the juices with his tongue and climbed up to Temari and kissed her again. Temari flipped them over so she was on top. She smirked down at Naruto and went to his ear.

She pulled off Naruto's boxers and his member sprung free. She dropped the boxers to the side of the bed. Temari blushed as she looked at his seven inch friend. She kissed Naruto again and began pumping his shaft.

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  • Naruto growled and groaned from Temari's hand job. Temari placed his member inside her mouth and began to bob her head up and down. Naruto's eyes rolled to the back of his head. He could only describe this as the best thing in the world.

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    Naruto felt something building up inside his member. Temari nodded and sucked harder. Naruto exploded and filled Temari's mouth with his seed. Temari swallowed his cum and kissed him again. She placed his member at her entrance. What if you get pregnant?

    She smiled down at him. I have a birth control jutsu on me. So go ahead" Temari replied kissing his jawline. Naruto nodded and pushed inside her slowly. Temari moaned as he entered her. He kept going until he felt a barrier. Temari nodded and Naruto thrusted into her. Temari winced as she felt some pain but it quickly died giving a dull throb. Naruto exited and entered again. Temari began to ride him and kissed him again.

    Naruto pushed in three more times and released. Temari released moments later and collapsed onto Naruto. Both were panting and sweating. Temari looked up at Naruto and smiled. Naruto pulled out her hair buns and her hair fell down to her upper back.